Hello paddle boarders and SUP yogis! Whether you are paddling sweet or salty water, paddle boarders know that one of the biggest threats to the longevity of their paddle board is the elements! After even just a few weeks of being in water, having dirty feet standing on it, being loaded/unloaded, and being stored possibly damp…your board will be in need of a deep cleaning! We’ll take you step by step through how we at Standup and Flow deep clean our boards so that they look fresh and like new!


Step 1: Finding the Right Location

Sometimes we don’t get to choose where we clean our boards but in a perfect world, we want to clean our boards on concrete or any hard surface. Laying a wet board on grass or sand will cause more dirt or grass to get on your board which will delay the cleaning process and just make your life more challenging. You can clean the boards outside or in a garage, but make sure the boards dry outside under the sun.


Step 2: Washing the Bottom of the Board

What you’ll need:

  • Heavy Duty Scrub Sponge
  • Magic Eraser
  • Liquid Dish Soap
  • Bottle Cleaning Brush Kit
  • Simple Green Multi-Purpose Cleaner (optional)

Start by flipping the deck pad side of the board down. Rinse the board with water and then squirt the liquid dish soap all over the board. We use Simple Green Multi-Purpose Cleaner as well but the dish soap will be more than enough! Take your heavy duty scrub and just start scrubbing! Make sure to get the rails of the board as well! To clean the fin box, you can either just take your water spray gun and put it right up to the box and spray. You can also take a bottle cleaning brush and scrub the inside of the fin box. Spray everything down and if you still have any stubborn scuff marks or tough stains, grab your magic eraser and start scrubbing. Re-rinse the board once you buff out all those scuff marks.


Step 3: Cleaning the Deck Pad and the Top of the Board – How to Remove Mildew and Mold

What you’ll need:

  • Same materials we used on the bottom of the board
  • Bass Pro Shops: Mildew Stain Remover

We’ll begin cleaning this side EXACTLY how we cleaned the opposite side. Start with a wet surface, scrub with liquid dish soap/Simple Green, clean the handle, buff out any scuff marks with the Magic Eraser. Once this is all finished some of us might be left with those pesky mildew and mold marks on our deck pad. Now if you are the only one using your board and drying out the deck pad completely after your paddles, you probably won’t run into this problem. But if you store your boards in an enclosed space or roll up an inflatable board before it’s completely dry, then you may eventually get some mildew on your deck pad. To clean this, saturate the mildew area with Bass Pro Shops: Mildew Stain Remover. Leave the spray on as you start cleaning a different board. After a few minutes, grab your sponge and scrub the area that was sprayed. Repeat this process as necessary. Once all the mildew comes off, turn your board on its side, lean it up against your leg or a wall, and take your time as you spray down the entire board until there’s no soap or sprays left on it. P.S.- The mildew cleaner is pretty heavy duty so we wear gloves when cleaning the boards to protect our hands.

Step 4: Drying the Board

The most important thing before you store your board, whether you’re taking it out tomorrow or storing it for the winter, is to make sure your board is completely dry! Start by taking a towel to the board and hand drying it the best you can. Next, lean the board against something with the deck pad in direct sunlight. It shouldn’t take too long for the board to dry and remember that the more time the board stays out beneath the sun, the more the sun warps the deck pad and the board. Once everything is dry, you’re done! Go ahead and store your board!

Even after years of use, if you take care of your Glide Paddle Board and clean it on a regular basis, your board should easily last you 5-10 years. We hope this little tutorial helps you next time you’re ready to clean your paddle board! Happy paddling, yogis!